A.D. 2009

  • »Earth Attacked▾

    Utilizing a ZPM recovered during the destruction of the Asuran Replicator homeworld, a group of Wraith create a superhive and attack Earth. Atlantis is moved to Earth from M35-117 to join in the defense.
  • »Galactica Receives Earth broadcasts▾

    Detected purely by accident, the Battlestar Galactica receives broadcasts of the Apollo 11 Moon landing from Earth..
  • A.D. 2010

  • »Earth Launches first ship since Ori War▾

    The George Hammond, formerly known as the Phoenix, is launched. The ship is named in honor of Lt. General George S. Hammond, the USAF General who commanded the SGC for seven years and is placed under the command of Colonel Samantha Carter
  • »Atlantis Returns to Pegasus▾

    Atlantis completes repairs, restocking, and taking on additional personnel and departs Earth to return to
    The Pegasus Galaxy. Atlantis arrives back in The Pegasus Galaxy, landing back on Atlantia, the next month.
  • A.D. 2011

  • »Cylon Basestar Destroyed▾

    The Galactica is forced to ambush the basestar pursuing it. They are successful, and the fleet continues on without interference from their enemy.
  • »Earth Wormhole reopened Briefly▾

    John Chrichton temporarily opens the wormhole from The uncharted Territories back to earth so his father may see his grandson. Chricton is pursuaded by his father to actually take the scientists and experts IASA has chosen on the ship to explore the areas of space near the Terran System. The SGC and the budding fleet of Daedalus Class ships is hidden from Moya’s sensors during this time, and Chrichton remains in the dark about Earth’s venutres into space.
  • A.D. 2012

  • »Adama Passes On▾

    Commander Adama, the man solely responsible for The survival of Galactica and leader of the Fleet, passes in his sleep of natural causes. Athena, daughter of Adama, is promoted to take his place as Galactica’s commander, while Apollo, son of Adama ascends to his father’s seat on the Council of Thirteen.
  • »Atlantis Makes Peace▾

    In Pegasus, Atlantis makes peace with the Asgard of Pegasus. Alliance of the two against The Wraith causes the emerging government of United Human Worlds, and the Genii, to each reach their own agreements of alliance with Atlantis.
  • A.D. 2013

  • »End of Wraith Threat▾

    The Atlantis Alliance push the Wraith back, eliminating multiple hives and forcing the Wraith back to the five systems known to The Wraith as The Origin Worlds. Peace Negotiations drag on for months, ending with The Wraith being provided with the Keller Formula, forever altering the Wraith’s need to feed on humans. It is rumored severla hives refuse this solutions and fleet via hyperspace into hiding.▾
  • »Starbuck’s Return▾

    Lieutenant Starbuck, of the Battlestar Galactica, who had vanished years before on patrol, is returned to the Fleet with the aid of the Ships of Light. Commander Athena and her brother, Apollo of the Council of 13, are granted with visions by the beings of the Ships with the truth that Galactia’s quest is not in vain. With a renewed sense of hope amongst the fleet, a new source of Solinium, the fleet’s main fuel source, is discovered and mining operations proceed for the next two years.
  • A.D. 2014

  • »New Asgard Homeworld Raided▾

    In Pegasus, renegade wraith hives raid the homeworld of The New Asgard, stealing several ZPMs and galactic capable Hyperdrives
  • »Moya Rescues USS Apollo▾

    John Chricton learns of the SGC and Earth’s growing space fleet when Moya encounters a distress signal from the disabled USS Apollo. Ships of the Lucien alliance ambushed The Apollo and in the battle, Colonel Abraham Ellis, Apollo’s CO was mortally wounded. Medical facilities aboard Moya, are utilized, saving Colonel Ellis’ life.



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