Episode Synopsis By Session

The System Lords are confined to a small sector of space, The
Scarren Empire is held in check by the powers of the Grand
Alliance, while the Cylon Empire remains unheard from in
the 20 years since the Colonial Fleet’s arrival at Earth.
Peace seems to reign over the galaxy.

The door to the landing bay opened and a voice shouted out, “Ten Shun!” as warriors and crewmen came to attention. Minerva, former Executive officer of the Battlestar Galactica, came to attention and returned their salutes, before she made her way down between the row of uniformed men and women. At the end, Commander Athena, Galactica’s CO, stood, waiting for her. Minerva came to attention, saluting her former commander.

“Commander, your service to this ship will not be forgotten. You have been a valued member of this ship and its crew, and Galactica will never be the same without you. However…you leave us, to assume your new command, a unique ship, built by us and our allies. I know you will be as much an asset to that ship as you have been to this one. May the Lords of Kobol smile down upon you in the future.”

Minerva smiled as Commander Athena finished. She then stepped onto the Shuttle boarding ramp and turned to face those assembled. “You have been my family and my friends. Galactica has been all I’ve known, and I am sad to leave her behind. Know this, wherever I go, you all will always be with me.” She then saluted those assembled, and then turned and saluted Athena. “Permission to depart?”

Athena nodded at Minerva, and the former XO turned and boarded the shuttle. Taking her seat, the shuttle quickly lifted off and sped from the Galactica’s landing bay. Minerva looked out the window, the planet Londinuim passing below the shuttle, all blues and greens with whispy white clouds, and the shuttle approached her new command. It still looked odd to her, her new command. She was used to the lines of a battlestar, but this ship was based primarily upon the Terran Daedalus Class Starship. Her well trained eyes did spot the differences in the design between the Daedalus class and her ship, the Phoenix – The viper bays in it’s port launch bay, the laser cannon emplacements lining the hull to protect the ship from enemy fighters and missiles, and the Frag Cannons to compliment the Beam Weapon that required the Phoenix to be built along the lines of the Daedalus class to begin with.

The shuttle landed in the starboard launch bay, and Minerva’s eye picked out the parked Terran F302’s and Peacekeeper Prowlers. Another group of men and women was assembled, wearing the various uniforms of the various powers of the Alliance, calling attention to the differences here from the ship she just departed. As the shuttle door opened, a bosun’s pipe trilled and a red headed woman in the uniform of the Terran Air Force saluted her. Minerva returned the woman’s’ salute.

“Permission to come aboard Major?” Minerva asked formerly.

“Permission granted,” Major Mikhayla Shepard replied.

Minerva exited the shuttle and looked at the assembled personnel.

“If I might, ma’am, I’d like to take the time to introduce your officers…”

Minerva nodded to Major Shepard’s request and the two started walking down the line of people. They first came to a young man, in the uniform of the Peacekeepers, “This is Bylar Talnell, Chief Engineer.” Minerva nodded, “Pleasure to meet you Mr Talnell. I’ve heard some very good things about your technical wizardry from Captain Crais.”

Talnell smiled at the compliment, “Thank you Ma’am. I look forward to getting my hands on the combined tech on this ship and seeing what miracles I can manufacture for you”

Next to Talnell stood another Peacekeeper, his hair short, with striking looks. Major Shepard introduced him, “Officer Miklo Javio, CAG and commander of Gold Squadron.”

Minerva nodded, “Officer Javio.”

Javio looked at Minerva and smiled sweetly, “Commander. I look forward to some interesting times on this ship”

Standing next to Javio was a striking blonde, whose curves were barely contained by the uniform of a colonial Warrior. “Let me guess, Major…this is Lieutenant Cleopatra”. Shepard nodded and Minerva continued, “Please Lieutenant. I heard about your maneuver at the Battle of Pelham 1. Red Squadron should be in good hands”

Cleopatra blushed at the compliment, “I’ll do my best ma’am”

The two women continued down the line, stopping before an asian woman in the uniform of the Terran Navy, “Lieutenant Park Min-jun, Chief Helmsman”

Minerva remembered the proper address for her helmsman at the last minute, “Lieutenant Park. Glad to have you aboard.”

“Thank you Ma’am. I shall endeavor to do my best for this ship and crew.”

Minerva smiled and the two continued down the line to a young man in a Terran Marine Uniform. Shepard smiled sweetly, a glint in her eye, “Commander Minerva, Doctor Robert Gordon, Chief Medical Officer.”

“Doctor Gordon.” Minerva studied the brown-haired doctor as she shook his hand. There wasn’t much humor in his lean face, and his precise, very correct air made him seem older than his thirty-odd T-years, but he looked confident enough.

They next came to a woman, again in a Marine uniform “Captain Svetlana Romanovskiy, Ma’am. Commander of our Marine Detachment,” Shepard said, and Minerva smiled involuntarily as Romanivskiy took her hand and grinned at her. The Captain was red-haired and very pale, and her blue eyes were as mischievous as Gordon’s were serious as she gripped Minerva’s hand and saluted, managing to combine both military and traditional courtesy with total aplomb. “Ve vill do vhatever is necessary Commander.” the Captain said, her Russian accent as thick as her hair was red. “And may I introduce my second, Lieutenant Lishal Braka, Peacekeeper Commando” The dark haired, woman next to Romanovskiy saluted, and nodded shyly.

“I am sure both of you will ensure that all is right among our warrior…I’m sorry, I mean among Marine Country” Minerva actually blushed as she corrected herself. These new terms were going to take some getting used to.

Standing next to Lieutenant Braka, was a woman in the familiar Blue uniform of a Colonial Bridge officer, and Minerva smiled, “Kianda, good to see you again.”

The Taurid smiled and shook the Commander’s hand, “I’m very glad to be here Commander. I’ll miss Galactica, but this ship? Is amazing”

Shephard cleared her throat slightly, but politely, “Lieutenant Kianda is our Chief Weapons Officer.”

Finally, at the end of the line, stood a man in civilian dress, and next to him, standing almost possessively, was a Nebari. Minerva had never met a member of the Nebari yet, but this one certainly did not seem to follow along their…traditional, lines.

Shephard almost grimaced as they reached the pair, “Commander Minerva, Doctor Jack Corvus, head of our Sciences Department, and his…assistant, Salis”

Salis nodded then stepped slightly behind Corvus, who smiled brightly and took Minerva’s hand, “An honor and a pleasure Commander. I cannot begin to tell you what an honor and a privileged I found it to be asked to serve aboard your ship. I so look forward to all the new thing this ship will be discovering, and to be a part of this bold endeavor.”

“Thank you Doctor. I’m sure there will be plenty of work for you and oyur assistant to do during the Phoenix’s voyages.”

Minerva then looked at the assemled personanly, officer and enlisted alike, “I am sure there will be plenty for all of us to do during the Phoenix’s maiden voyage. This ship represents the best of the Colonies, Peacekeepers, and Directorate, and you represent the best of each of those powers. May the Lords of Kobol shine upon us on our mission. Dismissed”

After a brief cheer, the assembled personnel departed for various parts of the ship. Minerva turned to Shepard. “Meet me in my quarters in one…hour I believe is the correct term? After I am settled in, there are some things I’d like to discuss with you Major”

Shepard nodded and led the Commander from the docking bay to her quarters on the ship, as an ensign carried the Commander’s belongings


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